It’s odd to think that a new day may be dawning in the digital canvas and NFT display space. A day in which displays realize digital canvas’ potential within a home, creating an immersive experience that includes streaming and Bluetooth connectivity. 

WHIM has helped push this new light over the horizon with their collection of canvases. Designed with cordcutters in mind to bring not only cohesion within your home entertainment set-up but also a truly immersive artistic experience.



The Walled Garden of WHIM

WHIM is vying to create a Walled Garden ecosystem. This is among the more ambitious stabs we’ve seen a company take with digital canvases and NFT displays. It was only a matter of time before a display came along that would attempt such a bold move but few if any thought that moment would be now. 

With the ability to cast separately or spread an image across multiple screens, there is a possibility that WHIM can position themselves as much more than a digital canvas in people’s homes. WHIM has integrated Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix and more, immediately giving the sense that the company is looking to punch in a different weight class. A class that includes Apple and Amazon, perhaps less concerned with the growing fray in the digital art canvas space.

WHIM brings some variety, offering both square and rectangular canvases, each with three ascending sizes. They have a sleek, modern design. WHIM, along with manufacturer Videri, have pushed the look of digital canvases away from a framed portrait look into something that truly will fit into any space from home to gallery. 

Along with a forward thinking move to include streaming on top of a fantastic display for digital art, WHIM has included many aspects that we’ve seen across the marketplace. The displays are able to rotate, allowing for proper orientation to display art (or switching back & forth from showcasing art and watching your favorite shows). Users can display their own photos in just a few simple steps. Metamask is integrated into the canvas, giving users the ability to cast their NFTs as well as cast from wallets that they follow.



No Built-Ins means more Add-ons

There is one major downside to this walled garden approach as it has been undertaken thus far. No built in audio. This feels like it is either a major miss or (possibly) it is something still to come from future iterations. Regardless, requiring a separate Bluetooth speaker to take full advantage of a device that touts its streaming capabilities doesn’t sit right. 

One line of thinking may be that the overall power of onboard speakers wouldn’t be up to par for the display. This doesn’t pass the sniff test when you consider that smart TVs have done just fine with similar physical dimensions. Another possibility is that WHIM sought to avoid the optics of a costly add-on such as Lago. This would be fairly reasonable but seems to miss the opportunity to fully create a walled garden ecosystem.

Perhaps there is no ‘right’ answer and perhaps there is something to be said in allowing consumers to select the Bluetooth device of their choice, but one can’t help but feel as though WHIM left options on the table in trying to compete with such massive and established brands.



What to say? WHIM has taken a shot well beyond any other company in the space. They see and are putting to work the utility of digital art displays by placing them as the centerpiece of the consumer’s home entertainment system. 

However this utility is not unique to the home as galleries can also take advantage of the display’s capabilities, particularly the social aspects and image spreading across multiple displays. It is a sleek, badass device that has chosen to swim in a larger pond.

The only real knock on WHIM is the need for a Bluetooth speaker for audio output. Normally this wouldn’t be such a major detraction but given their ambitions, WHIM may want to sort this aspect out sooner rather than later.

That shouldn’t deter you however, as this canvas has the potential to change your entire home entertainment experience.

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