Tokenframe Review: Achieve Balance With Options & Style For NFT Display


Launched in May 2021, Tokenframe has taken an ambitious entry into the digital canvas and NFT display space. The cornerstone of their purpose is authentication – owners must verify their NFT collection before they can be presented on the NFT display system. Seemingly this has already resonated with collectors, with the company having already sold out their initial pre-sale. Already showing an ability to adjust to market demands, they have adjusted the sizes available in their lineup. Tokenframe would seem poised to be a force in the physical display arena. 

The Tokenframe App has integrated MetaMask, Fortmatic, and WalletConnect wallets and allows users to change the background settings and size for their NFT’s so that users can fit their art to their display however they would like. To cast, simply connect your wallet, connect to WiFi, and cast your NFT’s to the Tokenframe display screen.

Tokenframe is accepting orders for their Spring presale with some changes from their first round of presales. Gone is the 49” display, with  43” and 55” displays replacing it. Also Tokenframe has added a 32” SQR to go with the 22” version. Fleshing out the lineup are the 10” TBLTP (tabletop frame), 22” SQR (square frame), 21.5”, and 32”display sizes. The prices currently range from $333 for the TBLTP to $2,777 for the 55” Display. 

Tokenframe offers Birch, Mahogany, Solid White, and Solid Black frame finish options. The finishes for TBLTP screens are flipped a bit with six different finishes offered including Redwood, Weathered Oak, Golden Oak, Charcoal, Woodgrain White, and Mahogany. 2K and 4K options are available for each finish type. All screens use anti-glare glass designed with digital art in mind. 


Tokenframe Review: Tokenframe easily displays from your wallet.



Tokenframe offers options along with authentication

Tokenframe has shown a love of the space from the jump. The company offered perks in their initial pre-order including free US shipping as well as entry into a raffle for a 1st edition Tokenframe X “Secret Artist” collab NFT as well as other utility NFT’s. It will be interesting to see how Tokenframe continues to employ utility NFTs moving forward as it is an amazing way to build brand loyalty among consumers. Not only that, but competitors are making their own in-roads on collaborations and utility NFTs.

Users must authenticate their wallets before displaying their NFTs. It’s a simple sign into your wallet and you’re good to go. There are no subscriptions or shared collections. Users can only display art that has verified ownership. I love to see this. As mentioned in our BlockFrame review, verification is a MUST when it comes to displays. While this will always be doubly true for gallery spaces where revenue can be generated from displaying works (as with any art gallery), verification is crucial for collectors who simply want to display their wallets in their home. 

Protecting owners from unauthorized use of their assets gives collectors peace of mind. Verification also protects artists, who may be due royalties, from being circumvented. As we see web3 products come into the real world, it is of the utmost importance to protect the democratization that decentralization provides. Ensuring that all parties involved are protected as well they can be will be critical as adoption becomes widespread.

The ease in casting comes exactly as billed. It is as simple as connecting your wallet, the screen to Wifi, scanning the QR code to connect and there you are, casting away. No added hoops to jump through, no additional log-in required. Also, Tokenframe will never have access to your wallet, so users can be assured that their assets remain in their control.

I love the variety in both finishes and sizes. Wood finishes can be a bit riskier than one would think. A tacky application can make a product look cheap, whereas a well executed finish provides an understated elegance. Tokenframe delivers the latter. The smattering of finishes gives users ease when looking to match their display to the decor of their home or office, giving Tokenframe a bit of a leg up in the style department. Offering such a wide variety of sizes also helps consumers fit the Tokenframe into their space but, more importantly, it makes owning a Tokenframe affordable to collectors regardless of budget. 

The 10” TBLTP is currently offered at $333 with the 21.5” Tokenframe sold for $777 and the 22” SQR sold for $1,555 (a modest increase from their initial presale).  With such variety in sizes, there are attainable price points for collectors to proudly and beautifully display their NFT’s. It will be important for manufacturers to keep their price points in mind as not every collector is a whale. Tokenframe has shown a willingness to have offerings that can fit into any budget.

Each mountable display screen is shipped with a rotatable mount so that users can easily choose between landscape and portrait views with the image automatically rotating with the frame much like your smartphone or tablet device. This is a smart, intuitive added touch that helps Tokenframe stand out as competition picks up with more companies entering the display space. 


What Else is There To Say?!

Tokenframe brings a wonderful option to the digital art display space (to say the least, it’s really hard to find fault with the product currently). The variety of looks makes it easy to match one to your taste or bring a frame into your home or office without seeming out of place. Tokenframe shows a reverence to the NFT space is evident throughout the design of the Tokenframe. Requiring authentication to display NFTs on a Tokenframe is an ultimate respect to creators and collectors alike, as well as a tip of the cap to decentralization. Added touches such as the swivel wall mount to give your NFTs their proper perspective and the app provide an easy to navigate user experience.  

Offering utility to early adapters (sound familiar?) and smartly adjusting their display offerings with each round of sales, Tokenframe understands the importance of giving users an attractive, intuitive display for their NFTs. Their scale is ambitious and poised to fight back as TV manufacturers such as LG and Samsung hope to use name recognition to bully their way into the digital art space. The big box companies had better be prepared as Tokenframe is ready for them.

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