Proto M Announcing What’s to Come in Entertainment – It’s Awesome

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As if digital art displays weren’t already forward thinking pieces of technology, Proto is poised to up the ante once more with their holographic capable Proto M. Yes, you read that right. We have holograms. And yes, living in the future is flippin’ sweet.

Proto (formerly Portl) is bringing a device that has applications that serve purposes far beyond simply being a digital art canvas. The Proto M has the potential to become an entertainment center unto itself while providing telepresence and telemedicine abilities. ‘Gamechanger’ is one of those buzzwords that gets tossed around too often but The Proto M may really do just that. Change the entire game.

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Proto, As Seen On Demolition Man

Not to be too geeky, but Proto M is straight out of all those awesome late 80’s/early 90’s sci-fi action movies. It is a tabletop version of the Proto Epic, retaining the abilities of the larger model for communication, content and commerce – making it much more than the digital art frames we have seen to date. Judging it solely based on that criteria feels unfair to the device. 

Proto M’s ability to be another avenue in which content can be created may even prove useful to artists in the web3 space. Users are able to connect, record and stream their own videos on the device. Not only is this a feature that will endear the general public to it, but it is also something that a savvy creator might be able to exploit in the larger context of a project. Not to mention uses across social media platforms and further enabling work-from-home and hybrid work schedules.

Now obviously, if you’re reading this, you’re mainly interested in how well Proto M displays NFTs and digital art. The answer is: splendidly! While Proto is still finalizing which blockchains will be supported, Ethereum will certainly be among them. The image is crystal clear and the integrated speakers let you get the most out of any audio components that might be in play within your digital art collection.



Next Verse, Same as the First

The biggest con is one that has plagued the digital art frame space from the beginning – timely delivery. The very nature of the device blows the idea of “over-promise, under-deliver” out of the water. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but Proto must be careful. They would do well to push their ship dates as far out as possible, giving themselves plenty of time to correct any issue that may arise in the assembly phase. Doing so would also protect Proto from being snake bitten by supply issues and shipping issues when they are ready to fulfill their first wave of reservations. 



The Proto M is the most exciting digital art frame announced so far because it is so much more than just a display. Its entertainment and commerce capabilities make it feel as though it is the first step towards something much larger in how we consume content. 

This, of course, is where Proto runs a massive risk. If they stick the landing, great! However if the device cannot truly handle all that is promised, it will likely nosedive harder than other devices that don’t quite live up to expectations. They have set that high of a bar for themselves. Here’s to hoping they pull this off and change how we engage with content forever.

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