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Best For Those Seeking a Small, Beautiful Display Supporting NBA Top Shot Moments and Ethereum NFTs

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Launched with a promise to “change how we view and own digital collectables moving forward”, Nifted has brought a straightforward display that homes in on the simplicity we have seen most manufacturers trend towards, focusing on the display of NBA Top Shot “Moments” and Ethereum NFTs.


Nifted sold out both their Early Access and Version 1 Desk Display models and have a wall display on the way. The Desk Display is listed at $279 and the Early Access for the Wall display is listed at $699, competitive but not overbearing for what is offered. It should be noted that there were tweaks and a price increase from the EA to the V1 of the Desk Display so it’s possible this will be repeated with the Wall Display.

Nifted currently only supports Ethereum and NBA Top Shot, however they are exploring ways to expand and include other blockchains. 




Nifted Gives Users a No-Hassle Experience


nifted_rearBoth displays are compatible with the free to download Nifted mobile app. This might not seem revolutionary, but with different strategies emerging, it is always good to see a company err on the side of UX rather than be burdensome on the consumer.

There are even short set-up videos on their site for both Ethereum and Top Shot (both are about a minute long, that’s how easy it is to set up).

Display abilities are different but ample between Top Shot and Ethereum based NFTs. Nifted can currently support as many Top Shot moments as consumers wish (users will just need to set up separate showcases for anything with more than ten). With regard to Ethereum based NFTs, holders are able to display 30 at a time.

Nifted ships internationally, an uncommon move for digital art & NFT display manufacturers. If it remains sustainable (while the shipping industry continues to fight pandemic related headwinds), Nifted will have given themselves a simple but strong advantage in the space.

Desk Version has wireless capabilities with a rechargeable battery with a 6.5in screen. Top Shot Moments and NFTs are displayed well along with pertinent info supplied by Evaluate Market. Displays also include QR codes for those interested in finding out more about the art on display.



Supply Chain Woes & Crash Issues


While it is certainly useful to Nifted (or any of the other companieswho have gone this route) to have a model sold out ator just after launch. The buzz generated helps with promotion and there isn’t a risk of holding inventory in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

With that said, one is left to wonder if this tactic is intentional for the aforementioned buzz. Supply chain issues are already hindering manufacturers of all sorts, it may be wise for display makers to increase their supply up front to guard against any issues that may arise from sourcing raw materials.

All of this is compounded by the fact that Nifted has already experienced these exact supply chain issues in trying to get EA and V1 Desk displays out to consumers. 

Upon arrival, the device feels a bit smaller than anticipated. It’s basically the size of a large smartphone on the base. While the mobile app may work better from an Android device, interacting with an iPhone can be frustrating. The app often crashes so users may feel rushed in setting up their queue.

Lastly, while there is a sleep function, in order to fully turn on/off the device a small pin is required.



Nifted has crafted a sensible, simple device for collectors to display their pieces on. No frills with an easy set up makes the display attractive to anyone looking for a sleek, attainably priced device.

With a Wall Display incoming, Nifted will likely make greater inroads by first gaining traction with their Desk Display. While there is excitement around them, they must fight against overextending themselves and letting demand cool while they navigate supply issues.

Finally, Nifted must address iOS compatibility issues to provide the user experience that they promise.


Full Review

Time to dive in and walk through a full review, from an unopened box to a fully functioned display.




What is the Nifted packaging like? (9/10)

The display arrives in a high-quality, easy-to-open package.

We lift the top off and there’s the beautiful Nifted 1E Desk Series display!

Nifted 1E Desk Series - unopenedNifted 1E Desk Series - opened







By lifting the display out of the box, we find a USB charging cable and a small wire key.

Unfortunately, we don’t find setup instructions. We hopped into Nifted’s Discord server, did a quick search and learned there’s a mobile app to install to complete the setup process. Conveniently, the app is also available as a mobile website that we can access from any web browser.

Nifted 1E Desk Series - contents





How are first appearances of the device? (9.5/10)

Nifted 1E Desk Series - screenThe product itself looks and feels great.

The solid black gives a sleek appearance and gives confidence that it will look great in any setting.

The device is hefty in your hand. It feels like it’s a quality product – it feels substantial. There’s no concern of it tipping over or being knocked over on accident. It’s built to last and to hold it’s spot on your desk.





What is the setup process like? (9.5/10)

It’s a pretty easy process!

The only issue with the setup process is that there’s no card telling us how to get started. Once we discovered the app (or web page), the rest of the setup is a breeze.

After creating an account, we’re met with an empty screen. When we tap the “+” in the bottom right, we get some instructions.

Nifted 1E Desk Series - login Nifted 1E Desk Series - manage devices Nifted 1E Desk Series - setup wifi

Now we look back at the Nifted device to set up it’s wifi connection.

To turn the device on, use the wire key to poke a protected button on the right side of the device.

When the screen turns on, we’re prompted to swipe up to get started.

This initial screen goes to sleep pretty quickly, so don’t spend too much time admiring its beauty. If you do, just press the protected button again and the screen will wake up.

After swiping up, we’re prompted to connected to a wifi network.

After the device is successfullly connected to wifi, we’re offered a QR code to scan from within the app on our phone.

Nifted 1E Desk Series - device setup Nifted 1E Desk Series - device wifi Nifted 1E Desk Series - connect device

After we scan the QR code with the mobile app, we are asked to choose between displaying NBA Top Shot Moments or Ethereum NFTs. We’re going to go for NBA Top Shot Moments for this review.

Nifted 1E Desk Series - topshot

We’re going to setup an NBA Top Shots connection for this review.

The next screen asks us to create a Showcase inside of our NBA Top Shot account. It gives us a name to use for naming the Showcase. The device will use this name to look up the showcase so it knows which moments to display.

After we set up the collection, the device refreshes automatically and our Moments are streaming live!






How strong is the provenance enforcement? (9/10)

Nifted 1E Desk Series - topshot showcaseThe Nifted display, using the collection name as the connection, provides a clever provenance enforcement model. You don’t need to authenticate your NBA Top Shot account with Nifted’s systems and you don’t need to sign any transactions. It’s simple to connect.

By giving you a Showcase name to use, it limits the ability to show off moments you don’t actually own. For example, you’re not able to display just any Moment and pretend you own it. You could guess at other Showcase names, but you’d be showing someone else’s full showcase and you wouldn’t have any ability to edit or modify it.

When a moment is shown, the owner’s username is also shown – another way to validate if the person showing off the Moment actually owns it.

While the Nifted display doesn’t truly enforce provenance, it makes it difficult to fake. Meaning you can be reasonably sure that when someone shows you their Nifted, there’s a good chance they actually own those Moments.


How flexible are the content sourcing options? (8.5/10)

We’re left wanting more. The device does allow for any Ethereum NFT to be displayed and any NBA Top Shot Moment to be displayed. Lots of buyers are going to buy Nifted display specifically for NBA Top Shots Moments, so the device meets the need there.

Those buying to display other NFTs are going to miss out. ifthey want to show NFTs from other popular chains like Solana, Tezos and others.

Even NBA Top Shot fans might be left wanting, as it’s common for Moments owners to also collect NFTs from NFL All Day and UFC Strike.

Uploading personal digital files isn’t available.


How good is a Nifted display? (9.5/10)

All-in-all, we love the Nifted 1E Desktop Series!

The device is solid and the display is beautiful. It’s a really nice size for a desktop.

The videos are absolutely stunning – exactly what we hoped for! This alone warrants a strong score – it does what it’s supposed to do.

The screen shows a QR code that can be scanned to view the Moment on NBA Top Shot’s website – a really nice feature. Especially if you’re showing off a really special Moment. You can swipe the screen up to remove the information panels if you only want the video to show.

Tapping the screen shows the meta data for the Moment, including the game situation and player stats. Tap again to return to the Moment. Or swipe left or right to jump forward or backward within the showcase.

Our Recommendation

The Nifted 1E Desktop Series Display is exactly what it’s supposed to be – sturdy, functional and beautiful!

Buy from Nifted’s online store and show off your Moments!

Nifted 1E Desk Series - topshot steph curry Nifted 1E Desk Series - back of card

Nifted Rating Summary

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