MyMoMint Highlights the Action of NBA Top Shot





Cultural shifts have always come in stages. First the creators, the people who commit themselves to an idea. Next come the early adopters. People looking for the frontier, those who are looking for new ways to stay ahead of the masses. Then the curve starts. Influencers, taking their cues from the early adopters, situate themselves at the first hint of an upward trend. These people have the unique position of the means of swaying public opinion and the means to position themselves comfortably on the curve. This is the exact point on the curve that MyMoMint looks to capitalize on.

What is it about these last arbiters of taste and acceptance? From where do they earn our trust and the power that comes with it? Often, they have captured our imagination. They have already placed themselves in our lexicon through their accolades in sports, entertainment, art, or culture. That is exactly what sports culture, with its embedded thirst for collecting, has done exactly that for NFTs. MyMoMint has hooked itself to this niche to help those immersed in sports culture but new to NFTs make their digital assets tangible.

Designed to mimic the feel of a trading card in your hand, MyMoMint’s MVP retails for $79.99. The digital art display allows users to set a slideshow of upto six moments (depending on file size) on their device. The MVP displays moments on a 7″, 1080p screen in a constant loop. Currently, the model is image only with no audio and a battery life of one hour. MyMoMint ships with a charging stand that accentuates the display experience.




MyMoMint May Make a Niche Out Fan Loyalty

Sports fans often form their allegiances early, falling in love with a sport and a team in their area. They live and relive the moments Of course, it is the players who make these memories, eternalizing themselves in the minds of their fanbase. Fans have always wanted to own a piece of the game and for the past several decades that has meant collecting trading cards and signed memorabilia. This connection is what brought sports fans and their culture together with NFT culture. MyMoMint gives these lifelong collectors a chance to hold the memories they cherish in the palm of their hand with the MVP.

Simplicity may be exactly what the moment calls for as NFTs and digital art displays are now creeping into the mainstream conversation. Proving an easy entree for folks who may otherwise be wary of NFT collecting and displays, MyMoMint does not use an app, no wallet is needed. Simply plug the device into your computer then drag & drop your moments onto the device.



Lack of Audio Can Take Away From the Moment

Niche can be a dangerous thing to play with. As companies such as Canvia can relate to, advantages can be turned into disadvantages as time goes on. While the world of sports is a wise choice to hang one’s hat on, there is a gamble when it comes to adoption. Sports fans tend to embrace tradition. MyMoMint will have to convince collectors that what they offer is a progression of the trading cards they have sought. Their argument for would be best stated as Top Shot augmenting what they are already accustomed to.

Another ding against MyMoMint is the lack of audio on the current model. If it were included, the device would be able to better deliver on the promise of collecting and displaying thrilling sports moments in a captivating way.



The MVP by MyMoMint is in a unique niche of digital art displays. Its size is unassuming and the price point is attainable. Rather than market to a small pool of NFT collectors, they are leveraging the rabid support of sports fans. By choosing this angle to enter the space, MyMoMint may be well positioned to take a significant market share when they launch their wall display, shipping fall 2022. As of this writing, MyMoMint has sold out of pre-orders. Learn more by visiting their site.


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