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Blockchain can feel intimidating.

We’re here to help.

Blockchains, cryptocurrencies, NFTs.


What does it all mean?

These are all new technologies that work together to form a new digital universe.

New technologies can feel like complex and intimidating things. Blockchain is no different. It’s so new, even the foundation is being built as we speak.

Why are people so excited?

Blockchain technology does things in an entirely new way. 

There are many blockchains. Each blockchain acts like a database. However, these databases are not like the ones we are used to.

Ever had a situation where data in a database was lost? Maybe on accident. Maybe on purpose. 

Blockchain data cannot be lost. Wild, right? It’s true.

This wild fact opens the door for all sorts of new ways to build stuff. Imagine owning something that literally cannot be destroyed. No fire, no water, no earthquake – no delete button – no human, no machine. Nothing can destroy it except the person who owns it.

If you own something on the blockchain, it’s yours. Forever, until YOU choose to destroy it, sell it, or gift it.


A new digital art Renaissance has begun.


A new digital technology that brings provenance and assuredness to digital assets.

Here for the long haul

Blockchains, cyptocurrencies and NFTs have proven that they are here for a long time, maybe even forever. 


Cryptocurrencies have been around for about a decade. Now, they are breaking into the mainstream.

Crypto Wallets

Wallets are replacing usernames and other profiles. They are becoming online identity itself.

Enabled by blockchain


Blockchain is a technology.

What gets built with it is intimately human.

It started with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a dream written on paper by an unknown author who dreamed of a world where money was created with rules that couldn’t be changed by any central authority. 

Others believed in his dream. Others dreamed further.

Nobody could have predicted what would have been built. Nobody can predict what will yet be built.

From currency to art to metaverses, people around the world are creating new things every day and amaze us all.

Only our imaginations limit the future.