Lago Brings a Fresh Experience With Founders’ Display 


Lago has released details on its first foray into the digital art display with their limited edition Founders’ Display. Shipping in April, Lago is offering what promises to be an immersive experience. Though there seems to be levels to this experience, with several add-ons available. A sound bar, portable battery, or gesture camera all have value to different segments of the market and Lago has made them available with this model.



Lago does, however, offer some exclusives to all those who jump on the bandwagon early, including a limited edition Founders’ NFT. They are also granting early access to their community as well as future NFT drops for Founders’ buyers.



Lago Offers Simple Sophistication


Lago seems to have centered creators within their community, proudly sharing works with artists that they have collaborated with. Certainly a plus as the market begins to flood and some may be simply looking for a cash grab.


Speaking of centering creators, Lago has gone to great lengths to ensure that the Founders’ Display casts user’s art in exceptional detail. They boast a 1920 x 1920 resolution with a Lago NFT HDR.


A simple look that showcases the art without making itself known, Lago is offering a few customization options for the 33” Founder’s Display. Consumers can choose between squared or rounded corners as well as charcoal and a natural wood finish. 


With this release, Lago has likely cemented wallet authentication as a must among any manufacturer looking to enter the market. The breeze was already blowing this way, and now it would seem that any display without authentication can’t be taken seriously. 


Along with authentication, Lago has built an app that allows users to easily curate their displays. Not only does one have the ability to manage from their own collection, they are also able to subscribe to curator’s droplists, giving them access to private auctions. This is a fun play on the subscription model we’ve seen bubble up.


The add-ons are mentioned in both the Pros and Cons, for a reason. With the gesture camera and a ‘first of its kind’ sound bar, the Founders’ Display delivers on all of its promises. It is a unique and special experience among NFT displays and digital art canvases. Without? Well, see below.



The Tack-Ons Can Feel a Bit Tacky


The add-on situation isn’t a total loss, but it makes the idea of an immersive experience feel a bit too exclusive. On the plus side, the portable battery and stand allow artists to take advantage of spaces to display their work, even if it may not be a traditional gallery space. However, the advantage provided to creators is not enough to overcome both the gesture camera and sound bar. 


I understand being conscious of the price point when the display is already $9000, but these feel like they could set Lago apart if only they were integrated into the frame. The advantage in having these inclusive on all models, even at a higher price, could possibly make it worthwhile to consumers rather than purchasing them a la carte. 



Lago’s first shot into the digital art display market is a sophisticated device that shows clear dedication to not only digital art but the wider emergence of web3. They seem to understand that the competition is getting tougher with each passing month and really pushed to bring a new experience to the digital art display space. With some refinement, they could well place themselves as an industry standard.

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