Infinite Objects Makes an Excellent Display for Your Cherished Memories, Digitally


Infinite Objects brings a more intimate approach to digital displays. In dispensing with apps and connectivity, they embrace simplicity and simply take the next logical step from a framed photograph, a framed video loop. With sizes that easily fit on shelves, bookcases, or desktops, Infinite Objects encourages people to showcase their favorite memories. Of course, it wouldn’t be a digital display in today’s world if there weren’t also a way for consumers to display curated digital art.


infinite objects



Infinite Objects is as easy an entry as one can have in digital art displays

A simple, small frame that fits right in among any other picture frame you would find. Without the need to own any digital art or requiring a monthly subscription, Infinite Objects engages digital art with those who may otherwise be hesitant to explore. This easy connection with people may well help bring them further into digital art collecting and ultimately web3.

Infinite Objects has partnered with numerous artists to bring limited edition works to the market, helping to boost exposure for the creator as well as give their line a feel of collectability without being forceful about it. On top of these exclusives, they have partner collections with Lil BUB, GIPHY, and NBA Top Shot. Even the curated collections (which often come at a lower price point) are thoughtful and even include IO originals.

Infinite Objects also encourages a sentimental urge by allowing people to customize their print with their own video clip at their lowest price point, $79. This is where the product resonates most, connecting users by bringing their favorite memories back to life on a loop. These sort of life-like keepsakes will surely make for a great gift for the family. 




Simplicity can have its drawbacks.

While it is very much at the core idea behind Infinite Objects, the inability to swap out art may take away from the frames’ staying power. While, to be fair, IO is not aiming for the same people whose needs would be better met by the Tokenframes or Lagos of the world, collecting a video print just doesn’t have the same shine. Unless of course you are uploading your own clip, where it becomes a living keepsake from your travels, accomplishments, etc. Sparing that, the experience runs the risk of falling flat.

Another potential downside (depending on what your interest is) is the lack of audio capabilities. While this isn’t an issue with the digital art, however NBA Top Shot fans may be a bit underwhelmed by not being able to have that aspect in reliving their favorite League moments.



Infinite Objects deliver on their promise. It is a compact digital display that gives folks the chance to collect a video. They are clear that you are not buying a gadget, gizmo, or any other tech term you can coin. For some, this may begin a journey to delve deeper into digital art and blockchain technology (a good thing). For others, the experience could be lackluster and stale over time (a less than good thing). For all of this, Infinite Objects has built a quality product and crafted an identity that will certainly help them hold their own place among digital art frame manufacturers. 

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