iNeFTe Brings Versatility and Style to Digital Wall Canvas’



iNeFTe shipped their first models in March, leaning into versatility along with a style we haven’t seen much of in the Digital Wall Canvas and NFT Display space. Their inaugural line includes three sizes: the 7” Materializer along with the 15.6” & 24” versions of the Constructor. Each screen utilizes touchscreen controls with WiFi connectivity and MP4 playback support.

Each model includes Ethereum connectivity along with the ability to upload images from user’s personal libraries or from iNeFTe curated digital art collections.



iNeFTe Helps Users start Small & Grow


iNeFTe offers a lot to like about their line. Not only is it nice to have several size options to choose from, it’s nice to see someone get away from wood framing. iNeFTe’s metal frame gives it a modern feel that is still respectful of the display’s purpose, beautifully showcasing digital art.

iNeFTe, perhaps more so than any of their competitors, has found a great middle ground to walk between the different types of users digital canvas’ attract. By having on-board the ability to cast a NFT from your Ethereum wallet, display your NBA Top Shot piece, choose from a curated collection, AND display your own photos, iNeFTe might be onto something big. 

By big, I mean simple and intuitive. Bringing all of these capabilities into the same device (along with touchscreen controls) makes the device feel like a hub for digital art. While the display is of high quality, what is appreciated is that it (and the company) have an inviting humility. A photographer could feel just as comfortable picking one to display their work as your well crypto-versed cousin Steve would be to display his Cyberkong collection. 

This sort of understanding of the market now and what it may become is refreshing with so many companies focused on the now while they try to slice up their share.



App Delays Could Cause Headaches


Really the major Con isn’t even a failure on the device itself but merely a misstep in execution. The web app is great and ready to roll. The same cannot be said about the mobile app. The misstep is in not having their app ready to roll out with the first shipment. I’m sure plenty of users in the first wave will make do as they were already excited for their screen pre-launch. That said, the longer iNeFTe goes without, the more difficult it may become to attract new customers as mobile controls become the norm industry wide.



iNeFTe is a breath of fresh air in the digital wall canvas space. With three sizes to choose from, the company provides options without overwhelming potential buyers. iNeFTe brings a welcome fresh look with their metal frame, eschewing the current trend of wood as the primary material. 

With easy set-up and use along with connectivity to everything from your personal video library to your Ethereum wallet, iNeFTe is poised to attract more than just your high-end NFT collector. This may give them the edge to be a serious competitor in the digital wall canvas space. The only piece missing is a mobile app and iNeFTe is hard at work as well. The coming months could see them make serious noise as the digital wall canvas for your art.


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