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The Art’s Relationship to you will Guide you


How best to display a NFT is entirely dependent on what the art’s purpose is to you. Are you a gallery looking to proudly display pieces in a way that creates conversation? Are you an artist needing an avenue to entice people with your work? Or are you a collector simply looking to show off your wallet? You will find that there are similarities across the purposes but each scenario does present its own set of criteria.

Displaying NFTs in the real world, online, or within web3 will all have different values to the one who is displaying their work. Here we will outline what these different scenarios look like and the values they have to artists, galleries, and collectors. 


Digital Displays

Real World NFT Display to Connect Web3 to the Physical


Digital displays are screens with web3 connectivity that can display digital works. You will find that many of these manufacturers have focused mostly on the Ethereum blockchain, with some attention being paid to Solana along with a few others. Currently most if not all of the most popular (and valuable) projects have been launched on Ethereum, and as such there has been a tendency of artists to migrate towards ETH. That is to say that even outside of the ‘Kongz, BAYC, and Sup’s of the world, there is still plenty of moving and exciting work hosted on the blockchain.

Why does any of that matter? Well if you are a collector, you’re going to want to have a way to parade your stash and your smartphone will only suffice for so long. Galleries have the obvious need for a larger visual footprint to allow for multiple people to gather around the same piece. So what fits best for whom?

Collectors would do well to consider the space in which they want to display and what sort of utility they seek from their digital art canvas. There are displays that have audio component add-ons and even streaming capabilities, making the device more than simply a display and more of a focal point within the home or office space.

Galleries must do everything they can to ensure that the artwork on display is done so in the most optimal way possible. Well adept at preserving and lauding paintings, sculptures and works across all other mediums, providing that same experience for digital work is a new challenge. 

For a work to properly be displayed, wallet verification, frame orientation, and lighting will matter a great deal. Fortunately, there are displays on the market that provide for at least the first two, with one manufacturer providing for all three. There are plenty of cost effective ways for galleries to get it right when it comes to digital artwork.


Online NFT Display

Marketplaces for Artists to Bring Their Creations to the Masses

how to display nft 


OpenSea. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. It is the largest (though not only) marketplace for artists and projects to launch. While imperfect and open to competition, OS currently is the dominant player in the space. This has proven to be the ideal place for artists to make their work available. 

However, just because a piece is in a high traffic place does not necessarily mean that it is getting the attention it deserves. Artists have also found it quite useful to build a following outside of these marketplaces using social media to announce upcoming releases. Doing so has given them the freedom to work outside of massive projects and rely on their passion and creativity to create one of a kind (or 1/1 if you prefer) images that resonate with collectors and art lovers. 

While these may not be ideal conditions for the art to pop, it is certainly enough to generate interest. Many collectors are interested in utility beyond simply holding the rights to a work, and the lack of a backing project can at times hinder artist’s ability to get attention. This should not discourage creators from releasing their work as digital art has begun to attain the respect it deserves along with other mediums.


Web3 Display

Creating Community Globally Through Connectivity


Our ability to commune with others scattered across the globe continues to grow exponentially. VR and avatars have afforded us such an ability to live digitally that it can at times blur the lines of where our digital and physical lives begin and end. That is not said in a ‘doom & gloom’ manner but rather that our lives are simply lived online more so today than they were yesterday and that will be even more true tomorrow.

Tracing their lineage back to chat rooms and message boards, VR spaces have sprung up as shared spaces for creators and collectors to unite around projects and works that have captured their imagination. These spaces, Decentraland being the most recognizable, grant each side different ways to celebrate as well as generate interest.

Projects will often host different events to promote as well as create a sense of community around the collection (this has been HUGE among pfp projects). Socializing through avatars is the next best to physically sharing the same space (certainly beats those Zoom Happy Hours at least).

Some spaces are created with the intention of simply being a digital gallery. Just as you would in any art museum, you peruse a curated collection of works on display. These spaces face some difficulty in attracting visitors as one would need to be curious enough to be familiar with NFTs & blockchain technology as well as knowing to seek out spaces like Decentraland for these immersive gallery experiences. 

While (like with anything blockchain related) there is a steep learning curve, they have provided an ideal space for creators to engage people with their work. These spaces help give these pieces a context that is difficult to get across on a physical screen or through a website. They let the art exist in a way that is still evolving and will do so as the creators continue to push their medium.



How to Display a NFT is Entirely up to you


How to display a NFT simply comes down to 1) what is the purpose of the art to you and 2) what conversation are you trying to have by showcasing a piece. Artists, galleries, and private collectors all share some priorities while also having unique needs when displaying NFT art.

Artists, regardless of their interest in monetizing their work, want avenues that will showcase their work and celebrate them. While spaces that foster critique and conversation will always be vital to creative work, digital art often finds itself educating along the way. This creates a need for spaces that can support both. When they choose to make their work available for purchase, creators must have a trustworthy platform that is easy to use for both themselves and collectors.

Collectors not only need these same trusted places to make secure, transparent transactions in acquiring pieces but they also crave a way to share these works in a way that shares their passion around their NFTs. Digital art canvases and NFT displays are a great way for these folks to bring this art alive in their homes and office spaces.

Galleries share the same need as private collectors in that the art must be displayed in a way that creates excitement around it. Fostering critique while putting digital art in its rightful place alongside the classic mediums is a difficult line to walk. However the devices needed to create this environment are already available with manufacturers pushing each other to create the most comprehensive experience.

These three groups continue to help each other display NFTs in ways that help people Learn, Discover, Enjoy NFT and digital art. By growing passion and educating in their own ways, these collectors and galleries help push what artists create and how best to display their work.


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