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Community and sharing value along with creative work are a core tenet for blockchains and NFTs. A north star. Galleries at 811 have been on their own path following that same light. Theirs has been a journey of bringing the artists and makers of Charlotte together with the community. Now the two paths have converged as we are proud to bring them on as a HotSpot partner. 


Galleries at 811 has been a space where artists can not only practice their craft but build a business around it. They currently welcome creators that include a photographer, jewelers, clothiers, a custom lamp maker and even an organic bath and body works maker. On top of giving these creators space, they facilitate classes and workshops for those same creators to share their gift. In short, they foster an eclectic mix of artists and give them a direct link to the community.


This understanding and more importantly acceptance of community, both among artists and at large, is what brought DAFCO and Galleries at 811 together. By opening their doors and hosting space to display digital art, they help create an ecosystem that carries their ethos forward across the world. 


galleries at 811


This HotSpot is unique in that it rests within a space that boasts a cadre of producers and, within that space, exhibits works from multiple digital artists at any given time. This efficiency gives our HotSpot at Galleries at 811 the chance to show works that will help encourage more conversation (and learning) around NFTs and blockchains. This also offers an advantage to artists as it creates a physical marketplace for them to offer their work. 


Sure, it may feel a bit meta. But it really just goes to show that if you follow the principles that matter most to you, eventually you will be able to open opportunities for others. Galleries at 811 have become a critical piece of connective tissue in the Charlotte art scene. In partnering with us at DAFCO, they have stretched this connection into the metaverse. 


Within the space, each display will have a  QR code that is unique and purpose-built, ideal for self-paced learning and exploration.


Check them out along with their other partners at 811 Providence Rd in Charlotte, NC.


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