FLEXY NFTS Brings a Physical Display that Enchants


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It would be fair to point out that we here at DAFCO have been pretty heavily focused on products that use digital means to display digital art. In our defense, that’s what the moment called for. But as we’re sure you are all aware, it’s been a rough go in the crypto world overall lately but that’s ok. 

Of course blockchain technology will play a major role in our lives in the future but right now it might be tough to keep your chin up. One thing that is helping us through this bear is that beyond all else, we’re here for the art. And any way you can display it. 

With that in mind we figured we help remind each other of the fun and creativity that exists within the space.  So we thought it was about time for our first non-digital canvas or display review for digital art (we call them Phytigals) – FLEXY NFTS

FLEXY NFTS creates routed and printed acrylic (or if you like, there’s a multi-layered 3D acrylic upgrade) version of your NFT housed within a framed LED lightbox. Consumers have a choice between a black or white frame box. The ‘Kind of a Big Deal’ (routed and printed model) retails at $1600-$1700 depending on frame color with the ‘Big Shooter’ (multi layered 3D model) retailing at $2800-$2900. They advertise a lead time of 2-3 weeks for delivery and even will work with you and a custom piece. 


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FLEXY NFTS Just Look Damn Cool

FLEXY NFTS uses the tagline of “We help curate your NFT for the physical world so you can flex in real life”. A promise as straightforward as it gets and they deliver! They create a cool, sophisticated display that doesn’t change or diminish the original artwork. This display appreciates the intricacies of the work and supports them. The result is an engaging visual piece that helps give you a greater appreciation of the work. 

The printed acrylic gives off a “concert poster meets comic book splash page” vibe where the colors and lines are given an almost palpable texture. When viewing the 3D multi-layered, the work is given a breathing quality as the different levels jump towards you.

Now, you may be screaming at your screen “WHAT ABOUT VERIFICATION?! WHAT IF THEY RIGHT CLICK…” A reasonable ask, so long as it’s asked at a reasonable volume because FLEXY NFTS has your back. As a part of the ordering process, verification is required. Even those blurring the lines between the physical and digital respect and understand the protection that comes with the blockchain. Industry standard indeed. 



HODLers or Bust

The only con for FLEXY NFTS is that it may find itself as a niche product within a currently niche market. It is definitely for the HODLers, the folks who staking themselves in communities regardless of how rough the seas. Unless one plans to have a given work in their wallet for a long time, it may be difficult to justify throwing down for a FLEXY. But then again, the whole point is to flex, so at least the target market is clear.



It is a pretty open and shut case for FLEXY NFTS. They have a slick, smart look that brings your most valued NFTs into physical form. Either model is fully capable of furthering the conversation for blockchains and NFTs by captivating the viewer without the need for web3 connectivity. It may have a niche audience but that niche is most certainly happy with their FLEXY.

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