NFT Artists 

Create artwork specifically with blockchain in mind 

Creators use a variety of techniques: paper-to-digital, code-based generative art, combined with functionality, natively digital, “minting” is the term used for post- ing and the process is easier than it sounds 

From mixed media artists, photographers, musicians, painters and poets, opportunities to grow a community and earn royalties in finitum have never been greater. All artists are local artists in their communities. 

NFT Art 

“How are pictures of bored apes or gorilla heads, squiggly lines pixel punks, and what looks like cartoon characters, worth so much?” 

Yes, it was the $65+ million purchase of beeple’s “5000 Days” to a collector through Christie’s that set off the movement,
but you don’t need big bucks to start. 

Actually, you can find a ton of free art, do your own research, be safe and have fun! 


You can browse art marketplaces, exchanges and sites to get a sense for what’s out there, but will need to have the chain-specific wallet connected to buy, create, sell or trade. Just a few examples: 

Opensea, Rarible, Foundation, Superrare–MetaMask-Ethereum MagicEden, Digital Eyes, Solanart-Phantom-Solana,