DAFCO Artists

The Digital Art & Frame Company team worked with NFT Artists to curate a collection of 1/1 exclusive art pieces.

These NFT art pieces are for sale live at Galleries at Eight Eleven located at 811 Providence Rd. Charlotte, NC on Friday October 1 from 6pm – 8pm EST and online via OpenSea from 9pm EST until they are sold.

Attending in Person: Let us know you’re coming with an RSVP by clicking here.

Attending Virtually: You are welcome to visit our Virtual Gallery in Decentraland by clicking here. Be sure to join us during the live event to say “hi” and be first in line to collect your art!

Each buyer will receive a physical version of their new NFT. DAFCO will mail the buyer an InfiniteObjects with their newly collected NFT pre-loaded onto it for desktop display.

The Last Guardian

Created by Archangel

From the Artist: An occult art piece depicting the last guardian to the realm of Tartarus, keeping the primordial forces of evil at bay from within and releasing the light of righteousness that envelopes whole of the realm.

About the Artist: With strong affinity to hyper surrealism and mysticism, Archangel is an occult artist who has been creating gothic and dark themes digital artworks. The word occult simply means hidden, which is used to reference revealing things that were hitherto unrevealed. The marginalized genre alludes to the mystical belief in a perfect, divine language, devised entirely of symbols, through which the initiated can communicate to reveal secrets and ignite metamorphosis.

Curator’s Note: Archangel has created a name in the occult space, selling multiple pieces for 40 – 50 ETH.

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Created by Chris Skinner

From the Artist: Ascension depicts the rise to a position of higher importance. Created using digital sculpting tools.

About the Artist: Chris Skinner is an illustrator, digital sculptor and motion graphics artist specializing in sci-fi and fantasy art. During his career Chris has worked on creative projects with Marvel, Disney, Mercedes-Benz, Apple, Lucasfilm and DC to name a few. Skinner’s art mixes traditional painting and drawing techniques with modern digital tools.

Curator’s Note: His background says it all. Collectors have paid north of $10,000 USD for his work.

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Zoetic Mountain

Created by Soundwaves Photon

From the Artist: Mountains represent the inherent struggle in life and climbing them is facing life and finding yourself at the peak, making peace with the world and coming back down with a new perspective.

About the Artist: Soundwaves Photon creates multi-layered artworks that span across technologies & mediums. From DeFi to NFC tags to Augmented Reality to Sound Design, he combines these with vibrant colorful nature inspired aesthetics that create an otherworldly experience for the viewer. He is driven by zen, magical realism and the psychedelic experience and with his ties to both the Latin and Indo European worlds he has the unique ability to bring seemingly separate things together through artistic expression.

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Created by MintyFreeze


About the Artist: The main inspiration to make artwork is creating art, which by looking at, you can see your own meaning, your own story and find a part of yourself, which I hope you will find here.

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Infinite Coffee Machine

Created by Jin

From the Artist: This piece was inspired by my endless love (and consumption) for coffee. I went for A cafe-like aesthetic to the materials, simulating an endless coffee chain right on your tabletop.

About the Artist: Hey there! I’m Jin Sheng from Singapore, a 3D artist by trade, and I also do 2D illustrations on the side. I enjoy rotating within my styles; some days I create fantastical dragons, other days I do satisfying 3D motion loops. And occasionally doodle cute stuff on the side. I also enjoy keeping corals in my little reef tank!

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Digital Travelers

Created by Vndttas

From the Artist: Where’re we gonna go? bit by bit byte by byte.

About the Artist: CG Artist based in Indonesia. Love to visualizing a fantasy stories into an artwork.

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Created by Shelly Soneja

From the Artist: Laid bare and overwhelmed with emotions – how much is too much before we end up destroying ourselves?

About the Artist: Shelly Soneja is an Art Director for mobile and blockchain games. Her work has been exhibited in several art galleries in the metaverse, and she has been a panelist for various NFT-related engagements. Her favorite subject matter is supernatural women where she channels different moods and emotions.

Curator’s Note: Shelly exposes emotion in a visceral way, bringing gaming character to life in front of our eyes. Collectors have acquired her art for 2.5 ETH!

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Extremum Proelium (The Final Battle)

Created by Aegiuscreator

From the Artist: Throughout our lives, we will never be able to predict the future. Endlessly unaware of what lies ahead. But the willingness to try & conquer the mountain of fear, despite the unknown, is what matters. In the heart of the final battle, an ode to courage will bestow strength upon its summoner. Extremum Proelium is an original music composition & performance artwork. Visual elements and animation by Willea Zwey.

About the Artist: Eric is a music composer, producer, and performing artist actively working on projects in visual multimedia productions; with a specialization in video game music composition. As a trained guitarist, Eric has taken over 18 years of instrumental experience to focus on crafting gorgeous melodies, energetic orchestral arrangements, and instantly recognizable themes. As a firm believer that the individual spirit should never be reconciled, he maintains a unique stylistic approach to music composition.

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Divine Intervention

Created by Silky Way Art

From the Artist: The butterfly is a symbol of hope and life, patience and resurrection, transformation. Purple butterfly means “divine intervention.” When you face many problems, it seems like everything is lost and you can’t find the right path. Seeing a purple butterfly will encourage you that there is always a light on the road that will show you its good side.

About the Artist: I’m İpek, a photographer from Turkey. I was born and raised in İstanbul but based in Eskişehir now. I used to work for several companies for 10 years, then I quit the job and started a new life. I’ve been selling photographs all over the world ever since. When I heard about crypto art, I decided to improve my skills beyond photography and began learning digital art. I’m making collages and mixed media artwork using my own photos. And here I am. “Silky Way Art” is my brand name which I’m using for my NFT art. It comes from my name İpek, which means “Silk” in English. It’s a combination of the “Silkroad” and “Milky Way”. Creating new pieces of art and sharing them with the world excites me a lot. I think it’s a big opportunity for me to prove and express myself through art.

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Created by ZionTaxi

rom the Artist: From calmness to a shifting stance, flowing in a cycle, there are unlimited moments of beauty and chaos.

About the Artist: Self taught artist from Turkey who also works as a lawyer. Exploring both digital and traditional mediums for artistic expression.

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Layers to it

Created by moonolog

From the Artist: The artwork is a method of coping with unwanted emotions via humor, absurd, imperfection. It is a token of reconciling, processing and preserving, it is a note to self – an encapsulation of a certain time, place and people in my life as a creator of the given piece, yet something a viewer can and is encouraged to relate with and reflect on in their own way, with their own memories and experiences.

About the Artist: I am an artist with architectural background and a self-taught tattoo artist. Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, after graduating I spent a significant amount of time away from home studying, working, volunteering and solo traveling – gaining experiences that had a huge influence on my identity, way of thinking, and consequently my art. Art is largely a coping mechanism and a self-therapy for me. In my works I like to condense serious topics and issues into short, simple phrases and corresponding minimal illustrations. My art is a cry for common sense and adequacy, which, quite counter-intuitively, often calls for confusing and chaotic forms – normally mundane, ordinary items, phenomenon and appearances distorted through the lens of humor, stoicism, silliness, sarcasm.

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Rigor Mortis

Created by FDBones

From the Artist: Rigor mortis or postmortem rigidity is the third stage of death. Like our bodies have different stages of death, so is with our soul. But our soul does not die; it will continue existing in more primitive forms. The death of the soul is when it is kept caught in desires and the Creator itself looks upon it and fells sadness.

About the Artist: Looking like an artist, not an artist, just a boy who’s trying to dissociate from the world by engaging in it.

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This is all of us

Created by AsianJunkies

From the Artist: As we know, we have many expressions in our life. Sometimes we are happy we are sad we are excited to exercise and it is all part of who we are. What will shape us into what kind of human we are in the end.

About the Artist: Asianjunkies is a 3D Artist. He has been practicing 3D since 2018. The majority of his work has been in brand advertisement, creating abstract and surrealism environments for auction and exhibition.

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The moon is full it’s bleeding

Created by vjosart

From the Artist: The Moon is full it’s bleeding Description : I live by the rhythm of the moon, she teaches me how to heal.

About the Artist: Vjosa Maxhuni is a digital artist based in Germany. She wants to embrace the divine feminine through her drawings. Her art style is often described as dreamy, fantastic and ethereal.

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Each buyer will receive an InfiniteObject with the collected artwork pre-loaded. The video “loops” forever! It serves as a “physical NFT” and enable you to showcase your collected art in your home or office.