Fall in Love with Hot Web3 Digital Art in Charlotte: Digital Canvases @Local HotSpots

The Digital Art & Frame Company at three locations Eastover/Myers Park at 811 Providence Road, Space.212 at 7205 N. Tryon Street and Summit Seltzer on Thrift Road, all in Charlotte NC

Growing: The Digital Art & Frame Company~~ NFT Display & Gallery Experiences

Learn, Discover and Enjoy the emerging world of digital and NFT art and artists while viewing on the best digital canvases and displays available.

New and seasoned art fans, aficionados and collectors come to learn about the emerging world of digital and crypto art and why this movement matters.

Guests discover new artists, some famous and some up-and-comers, how and where to buy NFT art and what some of the buzzwords mean.

Most importantly, our friends and neighbors get to enjoy viewing amazing art, on some of the best canvases and displays on the market.

Spring 2022 Calendar

Sprouting and Blooming Events, Learning Opportunities and Connections

(psst. they’re all free!)


Experience and Engage with Web3 Digital Art at Cool HotSpots here in Charlotte on Digital Canvases: Learn<>Discover<>Enjoy

Check out these dafco web3 HotSpots here in Charlotte, NC

811 Providence Road–Galleries at Eight Eleven and Coffey & Thompson  https://digitalartframeco.com/g811-ct/

7205 N Tryon Street–Space.212 https://digitalartframeco.com/space-212/

2215 Thrift Rd, Suite B–Summit Seltzer  https://digitalartframeco.com/summit-seltzer/



Artists Connect—Just for artists. ALL types of artists are welcome!

Each evening get together will explore and highlight a local mixed-media artist, an NFT/digital artist and how to cross-over, both ways. Come to one, come to all–guaranteed value for all artists, including writers, poets and musicians, sculptors, painters and illustrators–all artists!

Time: 7:00-8:30 pm.

Dates: April 7th at 811 Providence Road (feat. evpensei)

May 5th at Space.212 (feat. Junior Gomez)

June 9th at 811 Providence Road (crossover approaches)


The Emerging World of Digital Art, Crypto and NFT’s Pop-Up Clinics & Ask-Me-Anything

This Spring we will be available at our members locations, in a casual setting  to help those interested learn, discover and enjoy the emerging world of the blockchain, crypto, NFT’s and how digital art creation and collection is connecting to the real world.

100% Guarantee: Guests will learn something new and different at each and every clinic and will have their curiosity sparked. Be sure to follow IG and TW for any time/location changes.

Times:  various

Locations:  811 Providence, Space.212, Summit Seltzer 

Dates: Varied and 

Plan to come, bring a friend and spread the word!

Topics typically discussed:

Start Your Collection Today — #startyourcollectiontoday

NFT Artists — #nftartists

NFT’s — #nfts

Blockchain — #blockchain

Crypto Currency — #cryptocurrency

Wallets — #cryptowallets

Canvases & Displays — #digitalcanvases

We endeavor to be the most trusted resource for expert reviews and digestible content in this confusing world of crypto/NFT art, digital displays and canvases by bridging “blockchain and bricks.”

Digital Art Frame Logo

Located in the iconic “Colony Interiors” building along some wonderful artists and fashion leaders, our friends at Galleries at Eight Eleven as well as Coffey & Thompson, together we are bridging the past, present and the future. All of the QR codes you’ll experience, from the floor decals to the canvases is unique and purpose-built. Perfect for self-paced learning and exploration.  In addition to the building hours, 10a-5p tu-sa, we are available by appointment. https://calendly.com/dafcodon