Canvia’s Art Sense Technology a Triumph for Digital Canvas’


One of the first digital canvases to hit the market, Canvia first launched as a successful Kickstarter project lead by Palacio Inc with units shipping to backers in November 2019. As NFT collecting and blockchain technology gained steam in 2021, they were able to quickly update their Digital Art Canvas to connect to user’s crypto wallets and NFT collection.

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For Canvia, Simple is Best

Canvia keeps their offering simple for consumers. The Digital Art Canvas & Smart Digital Frame is offered in one size, 25”, with four finishes; White, Black, Cherry, and Wood. The price point is an attainable $521. Keeping a slim lineup, despite the head start in the market, may help Canvia keep an edge over competition by having fewer barriers to maintain a stock as others have had issues getting their product to market. 

Canvia uses a color-dynamic, advanced HD screen. The screen is designed to accentuate the art in a way that the most minute details are preserved. This was done to not only give the best possible quality for NFT display but to allow digital images of physical art to pop. Think about the texture of the stone for a sculpture or the brushstrokes in a painting and bringing those details across in life like clarity. This was the challenge Canvia presented itself. Patent pending ArtSense technology that detects ambient light around the screen and adjusts the brightness accordingly.

Canvia Digital Art Canvas shown with Cherry finish.


Not only does Canvia give users the ability to add their wallet to display their NFT collection, they also have access to Canvia’s 10,000 piece art catalog that features works ranging from classics to the contemporary. Not only that but Canvia allows users to upload their own work to the digital canvas, giving aspiring artists the chance to showcase their work on the device.

The Canvia Digital Art Canvas gives collectors the ability to schedule slideshows on their device, allowing them to plan pieces to display up to a month in advance. This makes the Canvia canvas ideal for offices, galleries, anywhere where having fresh art displayed can start a conversation. Users are also able to choose between fitting the artwork to the frame or locking in exact framing for their pieces.



Subscription Fees May Frustrate Long Term

While the simplicity of Canvia’s design and offering can certainly be seen as a strength from a business standpoint, it is fair to point out that one size does not fit all in the digital canvas market. With only one model available currently, it may be hard for the manufacturer to best leverage their head start against the competition. Tokenframe, in particular, was aggressive in building out a well varied lineup, bringing along several comfortable price points with them.

One free year of access to the premium art catalog is included with purchase of the Canvia Digital Art Canvas. At $120 annually, this may be an issue for those reliant on the service to provide their art, but is not necessary for those looking to display directly from their wallet.



One could wonder if Palacio, with their Canvia Digital Art Canvas & Smart Art Display, had a crystal ball that foretold of the opportunities in the decentralized future. Being able to quickly adapt has been the name of the game well before the dawn of the internet age and Palacio did so gracefully. They were in the market as other digital canvases worked to scrounge up seed funding and jumped at the chance to be the first in the NFT space. Sticking with what was already a major selling point, ArtSense technology, and connecting it with a brand new art world may well keep Canvia top of mind in the space for some time to come.

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