BlockFrameNFT’s Love for web3 Makes Them A Cut Above



As the NFT world continues to boom, collectors are in search of ways to bring their wallets to life. BlockFrameNFT is bringing to market a display screen that features a classic design with attributes that make it a unique fit for collectors. While in its infancy, BlockFrameNFT may find itself to be a major player in the space should all of the kinks get worked out.

The BlockFrameNFT GM display supports MetaMask, Authereum, and WalletConnect wallets on the Etherum and Tezos blockchains. The device has a pretty straightforward setup. Mount directly above an outlet in your preferred orientation (landscape or portrait) and plug in. Once you have it connected to your WiFi, you will be able to connect your wallet and start casting.

You can change the background colors, adjust the border width, and rotate the orientation pretty easily. You can even choose whether you want to display metadata or a QR code to OpenSea (I preferred the clean, dataless look but to each their own).


BlockFrameNFT pairs elegance with authentication

BlockFrameNFT features a classic, understated wooden frame to display NFT’s. It is a simple look that would be just as comfortable in your living room as it would be in a gallery. With a 21.5 inch display, it takes up just the right amount of wallspace while still giving the art its chance to make an impression.

The NFTs show beautifully and with a anti-glare screen, it can handle being in brighter spaces while still giving a great display. In my opinion, less is more on this front and BlockFrameNFT delivers a handsome product that allows the art to remain the centerpiece.

This is my favorite aspect of the GM, authentication. Users are only able to display NFTs they own. Once you connect your wallet to the BlockFrame, you are asked to sign a payload acknowledging ownership (don’t fret, no gas fees are charged nor tokens required).

In my opinion, this is huge and likely to be repeated by others getting into space. Not only does this requirement protect owners from unauthorized use of their property, it also shows that BlockFrameNFT understands and is committed to the NFT world.


The wall mounts on the presale versions of the BlockFrameNFT GM are now unavailable and while this is an important part of the overall user experience, it would not be fair of me to review one way or another until BlockFrameNFT has had a chance to finalize the mounts that will be used once it comes to market.


Growing Pains Happen

The remote will not power the device on. While the remote itself provides an excellent way to navigate the frame and cast, the inability to turn the device on makes setup a bit cumbersome. Having to plug and unplug to turn the frame on unfortunately leaves the remote most useful as a navigation tool. It’s a quirky hiccup that I would imagine gets resolved by product launch.

Casting your NFTs still needs some streamlining. The NFTs are added to a queue and then cast to the frame. Unfortunately, the queue can not be edited and requires users to reset. This can cause some pain for those looking to have longer slideshows or when users want to just make a single change. I’m told change is coming on this front so hopefully the retail version will have this cleaned up. Which is good news, because as is it feels a bit tedious unless you only want to display one or two NFTs at a time.

The upside is BlockFrameNFT seems to have a grasp on what it takes to provide an all around great experience to where I’m not concerned this will be a lingering issue.


BlockFrameNFT’s stated mission is to “bring meaningful exposure to digital art by connecting collectors with creatives” and in my opinion they are passionately chasing that goal. There is a lot to love about the BlockFrameNFT with a few pieces that need to be tweaked to make it a fully formed badass NFT displaying machine.

These folks clearly want to cater to the NFT space and they are doing so in a way that feels connected and real. Despite a few rough edges to iron out, they get it. I can’t wait to see this frame in its final form and I highly, highly recommend checking it out once its released.

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