An Immutable Ledger




It’s a database that everyone can look at to make sure the data is authentic. 

Blockchains are a new technology that is revolutionizing the world industry by industry.

Technologically speaking, it is an immutable ledger – a book of records that cannot be edited, modified or hidden – that records data and transactions.

Blockchains are being used to handle important data that should never be tinkered with including financial transactions, supply chains data, access to systems and more. Including transactions that prove when a NFT art piece was created, by whom, and sold to another.

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Many types of assets can be created to live on a blockchain.

Immutable Ledger

Once data is written onto a blockchain, it cannot be modified by anyone.

Proven over time

A decade ago, blockchain technology was not proven. Over a decade later, the technology is known to work. Now, it’s going mainstream.


Blockchains have unleashed unimaginable creativity. From art to keys to entire new worlds, new things are being created every day.


As blockchain adoption grows, talented people flock into the ecosystem.



Imagine owning the Mona Lisa. 

Imagine moving across the country.

Imagine planning the transport of your priceless piece of art.

Imagine buying a Picasso when you there.

Imagine figuring out how to be certain the paining is authentic.

With blockchain technology, no imagination or planning is required. The technology itself already knows if something is authentic. The data is immutable, meaning you can’t accidentally delete it and nobody else can damage it.

Owning things that live on the blockchain might be digital, but they’re more real than you can imagine.