BlackDove Brings Great Value Without Ownership



This is part one of a two part review on BlackDove’s services. Keep your eyes peeled for part two where we will be following up with a review of their paid service. For our purposes here, we’ll talk about what life as a BlackDove user without the subscription is like.

BlackDove is a digital art display app compatible with Vizio, LG, and Samsung Smart TVs as well as Android, AppleTV, and Amazon FireTV. This is great as it sets a relatively low barrier for owning a display. Basically if you own a Smart TV, you’re set. 


The free version includes licensed artwork from myriad different artists, so even if you do not hold an NFT/have a wallet, you can still use the service to spruce up your space with eclectic collections of art including both still and animated pieces. BlackDove has a nice smattering of different styles so you are sure to find a collection to suit your taste both now and as it evolves. 




Blackdove secures your art on display

Once you have connected your wallet, you will need to cast your NFTs from the BlackDove mobile app to your display. BlackDove only displays the art assets of your NFTs and not the token itself, giving users a nice layer of security. At this time, users are able to scroll the licensed collections but not their own wallet. I’m not sure if this will change in the future or is in place due to security implications but it does factor into the ease of use a bit.


Syncing your device to your account is about as simple as it can get. Download the mobile app, scan the QR code and you’re done. However, if you’re looking to connect your wallet, you will need to do so from their website.

Those looking to keep their wallets as far from their mobile devices as possible (such as this author) will likely see this as a positive whereas those who like the ease of using one device may find it a bit cumbersome. That said, getting your wallet connected is only a few clicks and you’re good to go.



Small hiccups can pile up

When users display animated pieces, they play without issue; however sometimes the transition from one piece to another has a bit of a hitch (I’m willing to attribute at least part of this to my sometimes spotty internet connection). 


The free version of BlackDove is like a tale of two cities from a display standpoint. On one hand, when users display the licensed work, it’s stunning. The colors and textures of the work coming through in wonderful detail. The strength of BlackDove really shines in this aspect, proving the service is capable of handling intricate work.

On the other hand, the disappointing aspect of BlackDove’s free version is that there is no way to adjust how your NFTs display. As the slideshow progresses, each piece will display in the correct ratio for a moment before stretching to better fit the screen. This distorts the image, leaving the NFT’s to feel flat, taking away from the overall experience. This is where BlackDove may want to play catch-up with their comepetitors amd do so quickly. Hopefully this issue does not persist on the subscription version.



BlackDove’s free service gives plenty of advantages to folks who want to easily display their NFTs without the need of additional hardware. A few simple clicks will get users showing off their favorite works. If users don’t mind a few kinks that may be addressed by the paid subscription, BlackDove’s free display service will do the trick.

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